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Welcome to the website of Civil War authority and novelist  C. Burton "Bud" Nelson.

Growing up in the Great Depression, and fighting in World War II have been the inspiration of his devotion to economics, history and politics.

Bud's often interwoven interests include his Civil War research, combined with his hobby of casting and hand painting lead soldiers.  Bud's large collection of lead soldier molds include many theatres of war, but the various Civil War participants, including Zouaves, with their colorful uniforms are his most challenging.

Bud pauses a moment during his latest project, adding a New England style Dining Room to the house he had built 55 years ago. 

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Buds' Favorite Poem


Did y’ ever sit at the end of a beer

With the suds dyin’ down in yer glass,

And think of the hard road what brung y’ here,

And the things what have all come to pass?

The cool sweated water makes beads on the bar

And yer glass sets down rings where y’ will.

And y’ look through the walls to a yesterday far

And a dog, and a boy, and a hill.

The winds are all soft now, the rains are all warm,

And the snows white yer shoulders like lace.

Y’ remember the rides on yer ol’ man’s strong arm

And the smile on yer ol’ lady’s face.

There was hell in the schoolhouse and fun in the spring

And a job, and a moon, and a girl.

Then the bombs come a’callin’ and what did they bring

But a trip to the ends of the worl’?

They’re gone now, all gone.  It’s bin years, don’t y’see?

The dog, and the folks, and the wife.

There ain’t a damn’ soul cares what happens t’me,

Or would give me two bits for m’life.

Oh, the world‘s had its cracks at me, both night and day,

And it’s broke me and left me alone.

But it can’t touch the mem’ries I’ve got tucked away

In my heart.  It’s a treasure I own.

One day I’ll unlock it, I swear that I will,

And I’ll fly from this ol’ beat up world.

And I’ll walk with my dog once again up the hill

To my job, and my folks, and my girl.

C. Burton Nelson
May, 1980
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