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Lead Soldiers

Bud's interests include a variety of military topics.

Among his favorite pastimes is
Lead Soldier Molding

Although not recommended as a hobby for unsupervised children, an early beginning in casting lead soldiers gave Bud an understanding of basic physics and metalurgy in his grade school days, as they are required to produce his intricate metal minitures.  To sum up the problem, how do we keep metal liquified all the way down the barrel of a long rifle...or the feathers on the helmet of a Knight?  This requires preparation and patience, making a hobby that rewards the artist with something of shining beauty, derived from a dull-looking, base metal.

First, molten lead is poured into the mold.  After cooling, the mold halves are pulled apart.


The cast piece is then meticulously trimmed and hand painted. 

An army starts to form.

And soon (many weeks)  they are ready for battle!

If you are interested in lead soldiers, have questions , or want to trade molds, contact:
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